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How It Works

The HealthPass platform is deployed via a Progressive Web App (PWA) using ONEplatform, a no-code application platform as a service from ONEtechnology. This makes HealthPass universally accessible on any device and any OS. No downloads or updates are required – EVER. The durable API framework provides a broad range of data import/export options, including the ability to connect to third-party testing processes and existing security architecture. The Amazon Web Services hosted platform is scalable and secure—data is fully encrypted in transit and at rest—and the no-code architecture adapts quickly.

The HealthPass solution incorporates key adherence and monitoring capabilities, helping your organization stay compliant with laws and regulations at local, state, and national levels. System administrators have broad flexibility to customize the health validation criteria they require.

The easy-to-use app quickly validates a person’s health check status and generates entry credentials, including digital or print entry badges, providing a complete digital-chain-of-custody record.

1. User App

A complete system to inform, educate, track, and manage user requirements to gain entrance to facilities for work, play, and travel.

2. Screener App

An automated validation process to review, approve or reject a user based on health status and compliance to facility requirements for entrance.

3. Local Facility Admin App

An easy way to manage entrance requirements at the local level.

4. System Admin App

Manage at the enterprise level to ensure compliance and protect from legal liability.